Imagining Islam: Can one speak of a scientific understanding of Islam, or must one rather talk about the Western way of imagining Islam?


In a short account designed for a broad Western audience, it is useful and even necessary to start with that question. Ever since the 1940s when national liberation movements emerged, there have been continual debates on this issue, many of them sharp and passionate. Continue reading “Imagining Islam: Can one speak of a scientific understanding of Islam, or must one rather talk about the Western way of imagining Islam?”


Post-Modernism – Wriggling in the Crushing Grip of Reason

Song of the Day: ‘Across the Universe’ by The Beatles

‘Postmodern art’ – Calvin and Hobbes (By Bill Watterson)’

There are some conversation staples that almost always occur. Minus the weather, politics, pseudo-economics, pseudo-philosophy, words such as ‘existentialist’ and ‘post-modern’ will find their way into even the most mundane conversation. The scenarios, the definitions, the examples, and even the concepts themselves are never cohesive.  Sure enough, before you know it that very mundane conversation has evolved into a passionate diatribe about nothing of substance and everything of fluff. Continue reading “Post-Modernism – Wriggling in the Crushing Grip of Reason”

Some Midnight in ___________: Over and Out!

Song of the Day: ‘A Brief Interlude’ by Andrew Bayer

Rectangular shapes, round shapes, order and law.
It all looks so simple from above.
Immense structure of complexity.
Twelve actions per square metre per minute.
Eleven thoughts per square centimetre per second.
Ten fingers per person. Continue reading “Some Midnight in ___________: Over and Out!”

Provenance – Laney Salisbury and Aly Sujo

Song of the Day: ‘Paradise Circus’ by Massive Attack

provenance_smallIf you are looking for the next exciting read, pick up Provenance by Salisbury and Sujo. It is the true story of one of the art world’s most brazen scams by one John Drewe.

The story stretches from London to Paris to New York, from small art galleries to the esteemed Giacometti and Dubuffet Associations to the archives at the Tate Gallery. Drewe’s elaborate scheme put more than 200 counterfeit works on the market, many of them considered genuine and still floating about in private houses, large galleries, and prestigious museums. Continue reading “Provenance – Laney Salisbury and Aly Sujo”