Imagining Islam: Can one speak of a scientific understanding of Islam, or must one rather talk about the Western way of imagining Islam?


In a short account designed for a broad Western audience, it is useful and even necessary to start with that question. Ever since the 1940s when national liberation movements emerged, there have been continual debates on this issue, many of them sharp and passionate. Continue reading


Is NPR the new FOX?

Song of the Day: ‘Tell Yourself’ by Clazziquai Project

PutinAimlessly browsing the internet, as most of my generation does, I was surprised to stumble upon this particular article — ‘Vladimir Putin is right out of a Russian novel’ —  featured at the NPR site. I did a double-take and had to ask myself if I had missed a report on FOX News acquiring NPR! This sort of hodgepodge mess masking itself as analysis is the kind one would see at FOX.

‘If Russian society exists in an unreal world — filled with fictional plots and settings and characters — we wondered: Are there certain traits in the Russian soul — recurring motifs in Russian literature — that can help put President Vladimir Putin in perspective?’ Continue reading