La Vin de Sourires

Song of the Day: ‘You See Big Girl’ by Hiroyuki Sawano

I have been doing an overhaul of my hard drives and in the process I’m finding many pieces of writing that have hardly seen the light of day. It almost feels the same as when one finds money in the pockets of a jacket or coat that one hasn’t worn in a long time; and though you know it’s your money, it still feels like a gift.

One such piece is a long-forgotten poem that I wrote in the heyday of 2007. That was definitely one of my favourite years of adulthood. I had just graduated college and the possibilities that life held seemed endless and the world seemed like such a wonderful place. I still believe those things however with a touch of cynicism and caution thrown into the mix: The world is cruel but also very beautiful. The battles one has to fight daily are surmountable but they chip away at one slowly; the bigger challenge is to keep those chips as minimal as possible.

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Some Midnight in ___________: Over and Out!

Song of the Day: ‘A Brief Interlude’ by Andrew Bayer

Rectangular shapes, round shapes, order and law.
It all looks so simple from above.
Immense structure of complexity.
Twelve actions per square metre per minute.
Eleven thoughts per square centimetre per second.
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Nelson Mandela: Hero, Role Model, and Leader

Song of the Day: ‘African Sunset’ by Miriam Makeba

Today’s post will be short. I wanted to take this opportunity to honour a man who has been a hero to many. It’s amazing to see how one man can truly make a difference in this world. Continue reading

Puppetry in Los Angeles – The Reptile Under the Flowers

Song of the Day: 미인아  by Super Junior

Friday afternoon. 3 p.m. I keep anxiously glancing at the clock. When will it ever be 5 p.m.? It’s been a long week. All I want to do is go home. That Bollywood movie I checked out from the local Indian grocery, a plate of food, perhaps a glass of something are all enticing. I get a call. ‘Would you like to join me for a beach bonfire?’ I ponder it for a second – beach bonfire with a bunch of strangers or a solitary Bollywood movie night? That movie still seems more exciting. I can always attend the next beach bonfire. I hardly could be moved to a night of socialising with strangers. 4:30 p.m. A half hour more. Time couldn’t move any slower. And just as I am about to cheer at 4:59 p.m., I get another call. ‘Would you like to join me for a puppet show in L.A?’ Contemplation time once again. I have never been to a puppet show. What are the odds of getting such an opportunity any time soon? That movie is not due back for another few days. Hmm. Decision made. Are there any tickets still available? What would you know? I find tickets online. Click buy. No backing out now. Continue reading