Zest of Youth

Song of the Day: ‘De Perros Amores’ by Control Machete


There are some movies that really impact one and leave a far greater impression than one might like to admit. I first watched Into the Wild, in the spring of 2008, and, perhaps, it was the time or the place, or even the person that I was but even though I was impressed by several things: the cinematography, the sounds, and the poignant character study; it did not leave a particular mark on my memory (or so I thought) — cynic that I was.

Anyway, a restless energy last night compelled me to seek it out, don’t know why, and I re-watched it. It caught me off-guard this time; especially since my recent nostalgic reminiscences of times long-gone, and a longing for the person I used to be, and a fear of who I have become in the span of the last few years. It was actually unnerving to see how well I identified with the character — my idealism gave way to cynicism, and now I have been battling a slow battle to regain some of my initial optimism and lose the cynicism.

It is a very short road from naïve idealism to cynicism — everything is seen in absolutes, people are held up to one’s highly ill-conceived almost impossible ideals, and lest we forget, the belief in rationalism to almost distraction. Naturally that makes for a very conflicted person who once proven wrong does not question his values but rather feels that since the world is a senseless place, and most people idiots anyway; it is better to give up on it: a very selfish, ignorant and self-serving solution. It helps one avoid the unnecessary personal introspection which might yield more fruitful results.

How true is the Italian saying, ‘Quant’e’ bella giovinezza che si fugge tuttavia,’¹ now that I think about it.

Into the Wild is about society, relationships, idealism, and self-discovery.  And, ultimately with the very poignant character study and how the director captures the protagonist’s restless spirit well; it is about the dangerous, heart-rendingly brief and beautiful romanticism of youth.

I’m never watching this movie again!

‘The old woman is always uneasy when dry bones are mentioned’²

I adored it but it hit too close to home and dredged up some memories best left unremembered.

Till Next Post!

¹ ‘How beautiful is youth, that runs away so fast’ – Lorenzo “The Magnificent” de’ Medici
² Proverb from Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe.


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