La Vin de Sourires

Song of the Day: ‘You See Big Girl’ by Hiroyuki Sawano

I have been doing an overhaul of my hard drives and in the process I’m finding many pieces of writing that have hardly seen the light of day. It almost feels the same as when one finds money in the pockets of a jacket or coat that one hasn’t worn in a long time; and though you know it’s your money, it still feels like a gift.

One such piece is a long-forgotten poem that I wrote in the heyday of 2007. That was definitely one of my favourite years of adulthood. I had just graduated college and the possibilities that life held seemed endless and the world seemed like such a wonderful place. I still believe those things however with a touch of cynicism and caution thrown into the mix: The world is cruel but also very beautiful. The battles one has to fight daily are surmountable but they chip away at one slowly; the bigger challenge is to keep those chips as minimal as possible.

Anywho, before I turn this into a philosophic reflection of life, let’s get to the matter at hand. Here goes …


La Vin de Sourires

Un verre de vin
Gardé dans une main,
Je touche les lèvres
D’un souvenir avec l’autre.
Le bruit de la boum
A disparu sous la lune
Qui crée des rêves
Dans lesquelles je me vautre.

Tu regardes mes yeux ;
Je sais que tu me veux
Et sans un vrai mot
Tu m’entends complètement
« Tu me manques mon ami »
« Tu me manques aussi »
Les gouttelettes de l’eau
Disent nos pensées doucement.

La nuit finira
Et un jour arrivera,
Sans la lune, sans la pluie,
Sans le vin de sourires.
Je dirau au revoir,
Secretement avec espoir,
Mais en parlant de cette nuit
Nous n’allons que rire.



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