Is NPR the new FOX?

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PutinAimlessly browsing the internet, as most of my generation does, I was surprised to stumble upon this particular article — ‘Vladimir Putin is right out of a Russian novel’ —  featured at the NPR site. I did a double-take and had to ask myself if I had missed a report on FOX News acquiring NPR! This sort of hodgepodge mess masking itself as analysis is the kind one would see at FOX.

‘If Russian society exists in an unreal world — filled with fictional plots and settings and characters — we wondered: Are there certain traits in the Russian soul — recurring motifs in Russian literature — that can help put President Vladimir Putin in perspective?’

What in the world is ‘the Russian soul’? It’s as ridiculous as claiming something as the ‘American soul,’ or some other soul attributed to any random country. Is every person embodied with particular traits resident in a collective soul? Geez! Such imaginary constructions certainly don’t help with having a discussion on an ongoing crisis.

I admit that understanding Russian history helps, to a certain degree, understand Putin. But to make such an inaccurate but bold analysis that generalises a culture based on great literature works is simply shoddy work on the part of NPR. By and large, U.S. media and public haven’t a clue. But Russian society no more exists ‘in an unreal world’ than does U.S. society.

A photo of Putin standing underneath Dostoyevsky’s statue emphasises the basis of the entire piece.

Associating Putin with Dostoyevsky (or any other 19th century author) is evident of the absolute failure to have read Dostoyevsky, if not a failure to have read great works of literatures. References to academics notwithstanding. NPR deserves comparison with FOX for letting stand such an association. Putin is a post-Cold War construction – drawing imagery as much from the West (Reagan) as the Soviet history (Stalin). I cannot express enough disappointment at the sheer lack of intellectual effort that NPR permits in this article.

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