Some Midnight in ___________: Over and Out!

Song of the Day: ‘A Brief Interlude’ by Andrew Bayer

Rectangular shapes, round shapes, order and law.
It all looks so simple from above.
Immense structure of complexity.
Twelve actions per square metre per minute.
Eleven thoughts per square centimetre per second.
Ten fingers per person.
Counting, writing, expressing, conscious,
changing, suffering, moving, laughing, breaking down.
In unity we are one. Breathe!
Strong feelings of love and compassion.
Two beings, one body, one mind.
Many faces, many fights and yet one singularity.
Separation exists merely during the day.
Fleeting emotions, fix it! Express as long as they last.
New days, new challenges, new disappointments. Surprises.
Time comes in droplets. Squeeze them! Floating in time.
The age-old battle between continuum and quantisation.
Living the moment, riding the propagation.
Tomorrow it will all be gone. Dread. Black on white?
No reality, just a dream, fixed on paper, not enough consciousness!
Empower me! Please fix it! Oh fix it.
Remainders of a reminiscence of time, a memory of history.
Seconds or years? Perception is trickery.
Years are seconds – seconds are years.
Mind can’t tell the difference.
Reason can. Reason can. Reason is vulnerable.
Precious reason. So precious and so vulnerable.
Destroyed in an instance. Trapped in the depths.
Condemned to escape. Gone forever, never appreciated.
Always mistrusted, never grateful. So many regrets.
So many missed opportunities! Make it real. Fix it.
True liberty never experienced. Again it only comes in outbursts.
Too short to fix. Too short to last.
Burnout in the midst of high noon. Overpowering emotions. Fast!
Only moments till it’s gone. So powerful, it’s surreal.
It’s over and out.

— A.!


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