‘You did what you could’ …

Song of the Day: Vår beste dag by Marit Larsen.

He was ‘just a boy’ — when Darth Vader can teach you about compassion, you know you’ve got issues.

Georgie Porgie, Puddin’ and Pie,
Shot a boy and made him die,
When the cops came out to play
Georgie Porgie knew he was a-okay.

It has been a little over a week since the nation was shaken by the decision to acquit George Zimmerman – a man who shot a a defenceless and unarmed young boy. And then all hell broke loose. 

Supporters of Zimmerman have been plenty. This case allowed for a plethora of old racist bigots out into the limelight. And they feel vindicated with the outcome of this case. One thing stuck with me out of some of the most interesting things being said by these people. Supporters of ol’ Georgie have been complaining since last year that a photo of Travyon Martin that was a few years old made the rounds. This is thinly veiled code for, ‘We know that “they” are adorable when “they’re” young, but “they” grow up to become deadly.’ Out of context, ‘they could just as easily be a tiger or a lion as a human being.’ The disappointment in Zimmerman’s voice when he said, ‘They always get away,’ makes it perfectly clear that, to him, Travyon Martin was a prey to be stalked, not a human being.

Was he guilty? Yes. Did he get acquitted? Yes. Why? A flawed system? Racial tensions overplayed? Biased officials?

There’s not much I can say here that has not been said by someone else. It does definitely illustrate the need to speak about racial bias.

It is a tragedy that such a thing happened and happens daily. The prosecution team is at fault. They did a poor job. And unfortunately, this is a country where the system is unfairly biased towards minorities and the poor. Money plays a huge factor in almost everything in the U.S. One of the CNN analysts said it best: ‘Money and race are the two greatest factors in our legal system.’

We certainly need to focus more energy on changing the makeup of the legal system. I hope that all the young people protesting across the nation for Trayvon Martin take that energy into the classroom and workforce and become the next generation of policemen, lawyers, judges, and jurors. And someday it may become a system run by sensible, diverse, open minded, and honourable individuals.

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