Song of the Day: ‘Dollars & Cents’ by Radiohead

Sometimes, a girl will find herself running to catch up with the world, barely stumbling and regaining balance in the process. There are those days where we ourselves are unstoppable and then there are moments of inward reflection in which we struggle just to hold together the threads of sanity. At times, at moments like these, at 1 a.m. in the solitude of the night, we find it almost difficult just to cycle the air through our lungs. And then you think of the lyrics to a song telling you to just cradle your head in your hands and breathe… So at 1 a.m. here I am trying to put these churning thoughts down. Ink on paper (rather typing words on this pixel-mesh-screen-pretending-to-be-paper). Apparently it’s supposed to help.


Piano chords in melody with 7 a.m. sunlight
Served just right that’s how she’ll like it
Another cup, another shot, another hit
She says the cobwebs will clear, they just might

Be still as gongs beat and thunder rolls within
In eyes of amber shine starry skies
Now who gave them any right to criticise?
There now, steady love as it rains on this roof of tin

Another 60 has gone; there goes the hourglass
She’ll close the curtain on that stage
The coffee’s done, pot is empty, time to turn the page
And as the fog clears, so this shall pass…

Maybe this isn’t the time, the town, the season
Cracked mirrors and the morning mud on her face
Witnessed by clouded sunshine through sky of Chantilly lace
And crest smiles, well they’ve been tried for treason.

— A.!

PS: Originally written on 16 April 2007.


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