Molière (2007)

Song of the Day: ‘Hanging on a Curtain’ by Morphine

I wanted to watch this movie from the time I saw the trailer for it whilst at the movies. A very sophisticated, witty, extremely funny and at times bittersweet movie by Laurent Tirard. Definitely one you’ll watch without a dull moment.

MoliereMoviePosterThe movie narrates an imaginary slice of the life of the famous French playwright and actor, Molière, and one of the greatest masters of comedy and Western literature. It is one that will keep you laughing hard with its witty dialogues and comical stereotypes similar to those in Molière’s plays. The movie mixes both fact and fiction, and uses quotes, characters, and distinct situations in Molière’s plays, with a final product that makes it more accessible to all audiences, even those not familiar with his plays.

Definitely great performances by all, except perhaps, the lead, Romain Duris. He is a little too intense for the light comedy he is supposed to be portraying. Who would associate intense with Molière’s typical character? I enjoyed his performance but he seems as though uncomfortable with the role. Fabrice Luchini who plays Monsieur Jourdain is great. His comical wit is priceless. This man is so funny that his sight makes you laugh hard. Edouard Baer, as the self-serving villain Dorante, is great and funny too, and so is Laura Morante as Elmire Jourdain who bring a more sophisticated comical stereotype that is just perfect.

All in all, great actors, great performances, beautiful score, stunning cinematography and beautiful costumes. A witty comedy that is exquisitely produced, and makes you laugh a lot that has achieved its purpose.

Still, I cannot say that this movie is for all audience. It is definitely French cinema which might not be everyone’s cup of tea, nonetheless, give it a try. It is visually stunning and very funny. Enjoy!

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