Check Mate!

Song of the Day: ‘Rap wa Kan no Tamashii…datta…yona…’ by Tarantula

Conventionally, you move a pawn to spawn.
But could a knight be alright?
What happens if, intentionally, you don’t follow conventionally?

A fool you are, if carried away;
Since boldness and egomania can lead you astray.
But whom do you count among your friends?
On a battlefield, where seconds count and reality bends.

The cascade erected, the king is protected.
Refractory walls destroying my idea of victory.
Sure instinct is what’s needed now.
Some ingenuity will show me how.

But soon I must realise: I’m lacking a condiment.
The spice! that is needed to complete this experiment.
So why the hassle, why the pain?
To conquer a bastion: no venture, no gain.

So I rage on,
And try to break the castle’s gate
Until I am: check mate!

— A.!


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